Looking for a Cost-Effective and Sustainable Roofing Solution?

Open Cell and Closed Cell Spray Foam Roof Systems in Abilene, TX

Looking to incorporate more energy efficient solutions into your property? Need a roof that can withstand wear and tear better than other materials? Your property could be a good candidate for a spray foam roof. Foam Busters uses three types of foam spray systems to coat residential and commercial roofs in the Abilene, TX area.

Spray foam insulation is a material made up of two chemicals, polyurethane and isocyanate. When they’re sprayed together in a foam, they expand and harden into a protective shell that coats your roof better than metal, tar or even gravel.

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The crew at Foam Busters can spray roofs in Hawley & Abilene, TX and surrounding areas. Our open-cell spray foam coating systems are typically used in homes, whereas our closed-cell spray foam coating systems are used for commercial roofs because they’re denser.

We use the following spray foam coating systems:

FOAM-LOK—Best for homes or barns because it seals your building’s envelope, stops heat transfer and minimizes the amount of cool air that escapes.
Thermaflex— This coating protects and prolongs the life of commercial and residential roofs.
RCS-500—This product is a water-based, elastomeric roof coating system made with a biocide compound and fire retardants.

Not sure if a spray foam roof is the right solution for your business, barn or commercial property? Spray foam roofing is a great solution as it’s:

  • Cost-effective and competitive to other roofing solutions such as metal, tar and gravel.
  • The lightest roofing material you can use, so it won’t cause unnecessary strain on your structure.
  • Energy efficient because it also serves as an insulator

Whether you own a barn, old building or are looking to spray your commercialized flat roof, choose Foam Busters to spray your roof quickly and efficiently. Call now to schedule spray foam roofing services in Abilene, TX.